The accelerator of the textile sector

We help you create your project with training, technical, commercial, specialized and financed support


of Training


of Mentoring


of Financing

TEXINNOVA is a program promoted by the BERGUEDÀ DEVELOPMENT AGENCY, with the support of Catalunya Emprende for the preacceleration of start-up companies in the textile sector in three areas:

– Training people in the textile sector
– Promoting innovation in the textile sector
– Boost Start-Ups in the textile sector


What you can get

Training and specialized mentors

A 12-week program focused in Lean Startup for product development, to define a business model and expand.

Technical and commercial support

Different entities in the sector will support you facilitating the development and grow by giving maximum diffusion of the projects.

Financing up to 10.000€

You will receive access to request financing from Acció up to € 10,000

Participating in Demo Week

Visits will be held to industry professionals. A must with innovation and the latest trends in the sector.

What support will you have?

Support from:

  1. The Development Agency of Berguedà
  2. Public Administration Entities with competence in entrepreneurship, business, training, and employment.
  3. Entities of promotion and support for the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  4. Innovation centers and research experts in the field of the textile sector

The support of the specialized Entities are focused on validating the project market, accessing databases and prototyping viable products


Textile sector


TEXINNOVA and your you,
solutions and projects for the sector

  • Help create new entrepreneurs and companies ion the sector
  • Engourage labor insertion
  • Promote competivity
  • Assist in Design and process development
  • Empowering the network between innovators
  • The current market of textiles
  • Determination of opportunities
  • Knowledge of new technologies and materials
  • Promoting ideas and projects
  • Profile of the entrepreneur
  • Resources, capabilities, and organization

In this groups

  • Start-ups
  • Scale-ups
  • Entrepreneurs

En aquests àmbits

  • Fashion
  • Sanitary Textile
  • Flame retardant textile
  • Technical textile

  • Fashion textiles
  • Natural fibres textiles
  • TRecycling textiles

What will you get?

Each of the StartUps will recive

An intense program of pre acceleration

  • Specialists that will support the particular training and needs of each startup.
  • Mentoring by entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors.S
  • Support of  Specialized Entities in the textile sector.
  • Inclusion in the Communication Plan to ensure visibility of startups and the dissemination of their solutions.
  • Help you to set up your company and register your intellectual property

Participation in Demo Week

  • To be held within the framework of visits to industry professionals. A must for innovation, the latest trends and the internationalization of the sector.

ACCESS to financing opportunities in addition to coach you

  • Support in the request of financing opportunities.
  • Support in the search for grants and subsidies.
  • Priority access to € 10,000 of subsidy.

What do you commit to?

  • Work full time for the startup.
  • To complete the established program.
  • To don’t participate in any other acceleration or incubation program during your participation.
  • To sign a contract collecting all these conditions.

Mentors and Instructors

Marc Bernadich

Responsable of the service of entrepreneur d'UManresa Empresai

Professor de Marketing, innovation entrepreneur,
Fundació Johan Cruyff

Professor associat UPC

Santiago Ambit

Innovation Manager Península

Fundador i Gerent de weón Glasses
Guanyador de 16 premis d'innovació, creativitat i producte.
Consultor d'innovació i nous models de negoci.

Alberto Ordieres

Director of operations in Peninsula incubator

Director d'Operacions de Peninsula

Professor en Lean Start up i desenvolupament àgil
Universitat Oberta OBS Business School

Diana Pinos

Expert in DesignThinking and proceses of de Co-creation

Especialista en investigació del consumidor, estratègia de marca i processos creatius i d'innovació

Experta en designThinking i processos de creació

User Experience Consultant

Membre de la Xarxa
DesignThinkers Group

Simón Lee

Director General en Peninsula

Cap de Disseny de Digital Legends.
Màster en Creació i Programació de Videojocs per la UPF.
Fundador de GameBCN
Màster en Enginyeria de Programari per la UPC.
Enginyer de Disseny Industrial.
PDG 2015 de l'IESE Business School

Roger Fosas

Economista. Consultor en creació i consolidació d'empreses.

Professor col.laborador d'estudis d'empresa
Universitat a Manresa UVIC-UCC
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Consultor en creació i consolidació d'empreses

Daniel Romero

Digital Màrqueting Project Manager en Península

President AEFEM Football Association
SEM & Growth Hacking en FindThatLead
Cofundador i CEO de Common Locals.
Postgrau en Màrqueting Estratègic per la ESIC
Llicenciat en Administració d'Empreses per la UAB

Alvar Soto

Legal advisor

Associat a BCN Council Legal Advisors
Business Consultant, Financial & Legal advisor
Màster International Business Admin a EUNCET
Llicenciatura en Dret a UAB


Dates of the program

5 of September


9 of September


Analysis of candidates of Start-Ups

10 of September


El Comité Assessor utilitzarà els criteris d’avaluació

16 of September


Stablish online objectives

7 of December


Pre acceleration online

10 to 14 of December


Project presentation


Some testimonials from last edition

Sebastià MonsechD.G. Montsech i Alumne

“... it has helped us to learn new subjects, we have had mentors that has opened our eyes a lot to be able to do new things.”

Rosa PochAlumne

“...It has helped me to know innovative fabrics, contacts, and great connexions.”

Martí Serrat Yutrensa i Alumne

“... in the workshop we were able to do the internships where each student was always accompanied by tutorials, the follow-up has been continuing. ”

Laia AlàsAlumne

“...I have a project that I have been developing since I started the Workshop”


Class of 2017

Pre acceleration online sessions

Edition of 2018


  • Entrepreneurship Concepts
  • Team Canvas
  • Customer Development
  • Idea Generator
  • Business model
  • Definition of Problem
  • Market research
  • Target market


  • Pioneer users
  • Interview Planner
  • Interview Script
  • Customer Archetype
  • Decision-making unit
  • Interview evaluator
  • Validation of opportunity
  • Presentations to investors


  • Analysis of competitors
  • Competitive positioning
  • Strategic marketing
  • Landing Page
  • Outbound Marketing
  • Campaign launch
  • Inbound Marketing


  • Traction Strategy
  • Web Analytics
  • AARRR test
  • Income model
  • Pricing scenarios
  • Consultancy
  • Unfair advantage
  • Partners
  • Complete product
  • Sales cycle planning


  • Empathy maps
  • Sales argument
  • Positioning in sales
  • Commercial development
  • Commercial Command table
  • Close customers
  • Customer maintenance


  • Intellectual Property
  • Patent structure
  • Seed financing rounds
  • Capitalization table
  • Partner Agreement
  • Dilution clauses
  • Long term forecast
  • Screenings


Open convocatory – Limited places